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Helpful Products & Gifts During Surgery

What will you need after breast cancer surgery? Are you at a loss how to help a loved one or friend with breast cancer? Here is a list of product suggestions that would be useful and thoughtful for anyone going through surgery.

• Wrap/shawl – great to keep warm when you have limited mobility in your arms after surgery

• Water bottles – stay hydrated during recovery

• Notebooks – to help keep track of questions for your doctor, medications taken and reminders to yourself

• Journals & pens – journaling is very therapeutic, it relieves stress and helps you focus your thoughts

• Aromatherapy candles – to relieve stress and help you relax

• Stress Relief CDs – meditations to calm and reduce stress

• Slipper socks – soft slipper socks with grips keep feet warm after surgery

• Organic teas – mint and ginger help with nausea you may feel after surgery

• Ginger chews – help with post-surgery nausea

• Tote-bags – help you keep everything close at hand during recovery

• Books & Magazines

• Hand sanitizer – alcohol-based, for use when washing with soap and water isn’t available.

• Lip balm