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Helpful Products & Gifts During Radiation Treatment

Are you at a loss how to help a loved one or friend with breast cancer? Here is a list of product suggestions that would be useful and thoughtful for anyone going through breast cancer radiation.

• Silky Wrap – allows easy access during radiation treatments

• Water bottles – stay hydrated

• Aromatherapy candles – to relieve stress and help you relax

• Notebooks – to help keep track of questions for your doctor, medications taken, notes on doctor’s appointments

• Journals & pens – journaling is very therapeutic, it relieves stress and helps you focus your thoughts

• Meditation CDs – meditations to help you cope with radiation treatment

• Stress Relief CDs – meditations to calm and reduce stress and relieve fatigue

• Organic teas – mint tea is very relaxing

• Sunhats – protect sensitive skin from the sun

• High-factor sunblock

• Books & Magazines

• Hand sanitizer – alcohol-based, for use when washing with soap and water isn’t available.

• Lip balm

Always check with your radiation oncologist before using any products, as every radiation oncology department has their favorite or preferred products and some do not even want you to use sunscreen as it can be irritating.