Helpful Products & Gifts During Radiation Treatment

Here is a list of products that should be helpful to anyone going through radiation treatment for breast cancer.Gift Basket for Breast Cancer Patient During Radiation

Are you at a loss how to help a friend or loved one? Below are some useful and thoughtful gifts as suggestions. We try to choose organic, fair-trade, recycled or natural products where possible and have some great options. At the LoveHopeThrive Store, we can Gift Wrap single items or a whole Tote Bag or Gift Basket full of goodies and include a hand-written note – just let us know what you would like to write!

You may also find  our pages Tips for Coping with a Breast Cancer DiagnosisCoping with Breast Cancer Radiation TreatmentQuestions to Ask Your Radiation Oncologist, and Advice for Family and Friends really helpful!


ALRA Therapy Lotion

for soothing relief for radiation exposed skin


ALRA Deodorant

without aluminum or metallic ingredients that can interfere with radiation and irritate skin


Radiant Wrap

soft, silky comfortable gown for radiation treatments


BPA-Free Glass Water Bottle

stay hydrated!


Journal and Sterling Silver Pen

journaling is very therapeutic, it relieves stress and helps you focus your thoughts


Aromatherapy Candles

to relieve stress and help you relax


Notebooks and Mini-Notebooks

to help keep track of questions for your doctor, medications taken, reminders to yourself


Jewelry to Encourage, Affirm & Inspire

to help encourage a loved one


“Hope” Openings Cards

30 mini-cards of encouragement & support


Helpful Books


Fatigue Relief CD

meditations to relieve fatigue associated with chemotherapy


Radiation CD

meditations to help you cope with radiation treatment


Stress Relief CD

meditations to calm and reduce stress


Organic Teas

relaxing herbal teas


“Thinking of You” Gift

selenite heart with personalized hand-written note

 Sunhats to protect skin during radiation treatment


protect sensitive skin from the sun

High Factor Sunblock Books & Magazines

Always check with your radiation oncologist before using any products, as every radiation oncology department has their favorite or preferred products and some do not even want you to use sunscreen as it can be irritating.