Helpful Products & Gifts During Chemotherapy

Wondering how to make the side-effects of chemotherapy easier to tolerate? Here is a list of products that should be helpful to anyone going through breast cancer chemotherapy.

Are you at a loss how to help a friend or loved one? Below are some useful and thoughtful gifts as suggestions. We try to choose organic, fair-trade, recycled or natural products where possGift Basket for Breast Cancer Patient During Chemotherapyible and have some great options. At the LoveHopeThrive Store, we can Gift Wrap single items or a whole Tote Bag or Gift Basket full of goodies and include a hand-written note – just let us know what you would like to write!

You may also find our pages on Tips for Coping with a Breast Cancer Diagnosis, Tips for Coping with Chemotherapy and Questions to Ask Your Oncologist very helpful.

Biotene dry mouth mouthwash for chemotherapy dry mouth

Biotene mouthwash, toothpaste and gum

help relieve chemotherapy induced dry mouth

BPA-free glass water bottle,  chemotherapy gift

Glass Water Bottle

stay hydrated during chemotherapy, great for ice chips


you get very cold during chemotherapy

Ginger chews for chemotherapy nausea for breast cancer

Ginger or Mint Candies & Chews

may help with chemotherapy nausea

Inspiring gift for cancer patients - notebook,


to help keep track of questions for your doctor, medications taken, notes on doctor’s appointments

ALRA shampoo for dry scalp after chemotherapyjpg 

ALRA Shampoo


for sensitive scalp during chemo and to reduce hair fall out and encourage new growth

Eyebrow powder, chemotherapy loss of eyebrows

Eyebrow Powder and Stencil

fill in sparse brows when hair is lost

Peppermint tea, help for chemotherapy nausea

Organic Mint & Ginger Teas

help with chemotherapy related nausea

Hats for breast cancer chemotherapy



protect your skin from heightened sensitivity to sun exposure

Warm Alpaca Beanie Hat, keep head warm after chemotherapy hair loss

 Warm Beanie Cap

keep head warm after hair loss

Lemon candies for chemotherapy bad taste in mouth

Lemon Candies

cut the metallic taste in your mouth that chemotherapy can produce

Hope Journal, inspiration for cancer patients

Journal & Pen

journaling is very therapeutic, it relieves stress and helps you focus your thoughts

 ALRA therapy lotion, soothing relief for dry and sensitive skin after radiation and chemotherapy

ALRA Therapy Lotion

for dry and sensitive skin

Encouraging mini-notebook, helps with chemotherapy forgetfulness


to make lists and reminders for yourself when stress or chemo makes you forgetful

Jewelry to Encourage, Affirm & Inspire During Chemotherapy

Jewelry to Encourage, Affirm & Inspire

to help encourage a loved one

 Tote bag for chemotherapy appointments, cream

Tote Bag

for books, ipod, snacks, water etc to take to hospital for chemo infusions

Notes of Encouragement for Cancer Patient

Notes of Encouragement

30 mini-cards of encouragement & support


Stress Relief CD, useful for cancer patients.gif

Stress Relief CD

meditations to calm and reduce stress

Dr Susan Love's Breast Book, information for breast cancer patientsHelpful Books for Breast Cancer Patients meditation-to-help-with-chemotherapy.gifChemotherapy CD

meditations to help you cope with chemotherapy

Your Brain after Chemo, advice for cancer patients, help with chemo-brain, chemobrain“Your Brain after Chemo: A Practical Guide To Lifting the Fog and Getting Back Your Focus”

useful book after chemo if you experience the mental fogginess and forgetfulness that characterize “chemobrain”

meditation-to-relieve-cancer-treatment-related-fatigue.gifRelieve Fatigue CDmeditations to relieve fatigue associated with chemotherapy -thinking-of-you-gift-for-cancer-patient.jpg“Thinking of You” Giftselenite heart with personalized hand-written note  Music (ipod or CDs)take with you to chemotherapy appointment