About LoveHopeThrive

Having been through a breast cancer diagnosis, surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and hormone treatment myself, I know that there are multiple challenges at whatever stage you find yourself. I hope that this web site can be a resource to help you through them. During my own surgery, chemotherapy and radiation treatment I collected many tips from different people and sources on how to best deal with the side-effects of the different treatments I was receiving. I wanted to share this information with others in a way that is supportive and accessible. What I really wanted was for women to go on the site and feel as if they were getting advice and information from a good friend.

I also spent a lot of time researching products and items that would help me get through some of the side-effects of the very necessary treatments for my cancer. However, it took an expenditure of effort and afterwards I wished that I had been able to find just one place where I could pick up most or all of the things I wanted. I was also really struck by gifts given to me by two friends. The first friend dropped off a small package at my house while I was going through chemotherapy. It contained a note which explained that she had called a friend of hers who had had breast cancer and asked “what is the one thing you used that you feel really helped you?’ The response was that the friend had used Neem nail oil throughout her treatment and felt that it had really helped to keep her nails healthy.” What a great tip”, I thought, “I would never have known to try it!” The second friend dropped off a medium sized tote bag soon after I had my initial surgery. Inside was a lovely soft throw/wrap (to keep me warm), ginger tea bags, ginger cookies, and ginger chewy candies (to help with nausea), a light hearted novel and a magazine. I think that was one of the most moving gifts that anyone had ever given me, I was just fascinated that this person had spent the time and energy to assemble this gift that contained items that she had obviously thought about and selected to really be of help.

So my desire with the Helpful Products & Gifts section was firstly, to make life easier for anyone going through cancer treatment by offering as many useful items as I could in one place. Secondly, to allow friends and family to give the kind of gifts I received, whether a small gift or a large, that it would be something to which thought had been given and something truly useful. I saw this as a two-fold gift: both the gift itself but also the knowledge that the person giving it cared enough to really think about your needs. Many of the items are also organic, fair-trade or recycled and this is really positive for me, I think we could all do to tread more lightly on this precious planet of ours.