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Does Being Elderly Give You The Right To Say Anything?

Recently, I have been coming home after being out running errands and the first thing I have done it pull my wig off my head and throw it on the sofa. It isn’t that it isn’t a really great, cute wig! I am actually kind of jealous of it for the sake of my natural hair which was never that thick and manageable. But it is summer after all and it is just hot and itchy. So in the past couple of weeks I have decided that I just don’t care and I am going out bald…and so I have! It is really freeing! I have to admit that I have fixed many people with a steely stare, daring them to say something, but nobody did. In fact everyone was really nice. I could positively feel all the kind thoughts and unspoken good wishes for health and a long life. But a week or so ago I got my first comment. Going into the pharmacy I walked towards an older woman, perhaps 80 years old. As soon as she saw me she stopped in her tracks and asked “what did you do to your hair?!” You have to imagine it said in the sense of “What in the world possessed you to get such a bizarre, awful, freaky haircut?” To begin with I wondered if I knew her! I mean was this person I didn’t know asking me to justify the way I looked? Did she even know that I had hair before? Then I realized that it was just as case of the thought coming into her mind and then, oops, out it came from her mouth. I explained that I had just had chemotherapy and it had made my hair fall out. She just nodded and then walked on. But then it happened again a few days later, another older lady! Hmmm, now I think about it perhaps it was the same woman and we are both suffering from memory loss of different causes….mine is definitely chemo-brain! Anyway, I found that I just couldn’t even muster an ounce of indignation. In fact I was quite jealous. Does being elderly mean that you can say whatever comes into your mind? I am not going to complain because I think I might enjoy it. This might be a perk of aging!

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