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It Could Have Been Worse!

Because it always makes me feel better, I am drawn to “it could have been worse” musings i.e. “that was terrible, but don’t feel too bad because it could have been worse!” This month my “could have been worse” scenario was when I was waiting for an MRI of my “good” left breast a couple of months after mastectomy and placement of a tissue expander in my “bad” right breast. There I was at the hospital, in my gown, in the chair, waiting to be taken in. A medical assistant hurried up and anxiously asked “do you have a tissue expander?!”. “Yes” I replied (it had been one of the questions in the questionnaire they had just given me – thank goodness they actually read the answers). “Oh, I don’t think we can do the MRI, here read this”, she said and gave me some papers and left. Well, in non-medical speak, it basically said that anyone with a tissue expander with a magnetic port could experience movement of the expander and expander burning/combustion if they had an MRI with it in place.  I had a vision of staggering out of the MRI suite resembling the Hunchback of Notre Dame with a smoldering hump on my shoulder in place of Arnold! For those of you reading backwards, “Arnold” is my fake breast, see below. Things could definitely have been worse!

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