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A Breast Called “Arnold”!

I started second round of chemo today (I am at home and very wooooozy and can’t type very well) and I just wanted to share with you some of the things that have made me laugh over the past few days. Many of them involve our 5 year old Quincy and her response to the weird and wonderful journey we find ourselves on.

Until two days ago Quin hadn’t seen all of my mastectomy scar. It is quite long and I had just shown her part of it and not made a big deal over it. But two days ago she was with me when I was dressing and did a double take! I have to explain that on the right side I had a complete mastectomy and my plastic surgeon inserted an expander to expand the muscle and skin so that later in the year I can have reconstruction. However, she inserted it a little higher than usual and then for some reason it decided to move even higher of its own accord….somewhere just below my collarbone!!! So at the moment on the right side I have something which more resembles Arnold Schwarzenegger’s pectoral muscle than anything God designed to be on a woman!! AND on the left side…….well, let’s just say that after nursing 3 babies and losing weight over the past 3 weeks, it doesn’t look quite the same!

So Quincy walked in and did a double take and looked from side to side. Then she obviously decided that the Arnold side looked better because she pointed to my real breast and said “Mama, why is that side kneeling down”? Then she reconsidered and pointed at “Arnold” and said, “What happened to the pimple on that side?”. For “pimple” read “nipple”! I had to explain that I have to have another operation later on and then both breasts would look nice and both would have “pimples” in the end! Ah, to have my 25 year old body again! But my optimistic thought for the day was “well, at least I only have ONE kneeling breast now!”

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